R&D and laboratories

Research & Development

At present Blauberg Group includes a large number of research, development and production companies with an extremely competitive potential and capabilities. 

Full-cycle production facilities

The centre features a host of cutting-edge equipment used to create ventilation systems - from simple to most complex - whereas lean production principles help streamline the production processes and reduce order processing time. 

R&D Centre

More than 60 engineers, designers and technical specialists are involved in the implementation of high-tech engineering concepts at the R&D centres and laboratories of Blauberg Group, conducting research to optimise and improve the current range of products and develop new ventilation products. 

Blauberg Group Academy

The training centre provides courses for Blauberg Group engineers and offers professional on-site training opportunities for the partner companies. The programme covers all the ventilation industry basics - from the theory to selecting proper ventilation equipment depending on the customer's climatic conditions, individual needs and requirements and in consideration of many other important factors.

The Academy staff take the students through the practical steps of installing various equipment as well as diagnosing and eliminating ventilation system malfunctions. The training is provided by qualified specialists, doctors of sciences and engineers with a broad experience in the field of ventilation. 

Aerodynamic laboratory

This is where ventilation equipment undergoes aerodynamic and electrotechnical tests. The systemic research and testing carried out by the Blauberg Group specialists results in consistent improvements in the fan design and aerodynamic performance. 

Endurance testing laboratory

To ensure a long service life, reliability and resilience of ventilation systems the Blauberg Group specialists subject the equipment to multiple tests under various conditions. The main objectives are to confirm time to failure, service life and reliability of ventilation systems as well as checking for consistent operation during extended periods of time. 

Climatic laboratory

The laboratory tests enable extremely accurate imitate the temperature conditions specific to a certain environment and reproduce the climate characteristic of a certain region. In addition to that such tests help identify and eliminate potential equipment failures under various temperature conditions and confirm the characteristics stated by the manufacturer. 


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