02 października 2020
Blauberg Ventilatoren solutions are implemented in 5-star complex in Kenya

Ventilation solutions offered by Blauberg Ventilatoren are implemented in many large architectural and construction projects throughout the world. 

Ventilation solutions offered by Blauberg Ventilatoren are implemented in many large architectural and construction projects throughout the world. Among the most interesting projects is residential complex Purple Haze in Nairobi, Kenya, in development of which were involved leading international construction design experts.

The complex itself has won a number of prestigious International Property Awards in nominations “Best Architecture Multiple Residency in Africa” (2016–2017), “Best 5-star rating on design and quality category in the Africa-Middle East Property” (2016–2017), “Best Residential Development” (2018–2019) among others.

The ventilation systems of the residential complex had to ensure the following:

  • creation and maintenance of comfortable microclimate in residential premises as well as in common areas;
  • inflow of fresh air to non-residential premises, including basement and waste collection and removal premises;
  • safe evacuation of residents and service personnel in case of a fire.

Moreover, the customer had the following requirements to ventilation systems and equipment used:

  • low noise levels;
  • high energy efficiency;
  • concealed equipment installation.

When considering suppliers of ventilation systems, the customer proceeded from the following requirements: high quality and reliability of equipment; equipment had to comply with the project requirements, as well as with high safety, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness standards; availability of a package proposal of ventilation systems equipment, accessories and utilities from one supplier. All of the above requirements of the customer are fully met by ventilation products offered by Blauberg Ventilatoren, therefore Airtouch Cooling Systems, our partner in Kenya, was chosen as the supplier, who offered the following solutions.

1. For ventilation of two-room apartments, ventilation exhaust centrifugal units Blauberg Valeo 50/60 with maximum air flow up to 150 m³/h installed in kitchens in quantity of 105 units were used.

2. For ventilation of three-room apartments, inline mixed-flow fans Blauberg Turbo 150 with maximum air flow up to 602 m³/h installed in kitchens in quantity of 280 units were used.

3. For exhaust ventilation in bathrooms / toilet facilities of residential premises were installed fans Blauberg Quatro 150 with maximum air flow up to 265 m³/h in the quantity of 880 units.

4. For organization of general supply and exhaust ventilation in the whole complex were used sound-insulated centrifugal fans Blauberg Iso-V with maximum air flow up to 16,870 m³/h in the quantity of 22 units.

5. Semi-rigid flexible corrugated air ducts BlauFast made from impact-resistant plastic were used for air-distributing network. Such air ducts were installed directly into the walls and into concrete floor of the building, which allowed to save space and achieve the most possible concealed installation of the equipment.

6. For ventilation of sport hall, two centrifugal fans Blauberg Box-F with maximum air flow up to 9,540 m³/h were installed.

7. For ventilation of basement, premises axial inline fans Blauberg Axis-f 630 with maximum air flow up to 25,000 m³/h in the quantity of 12 units were used.

8. For ventilation of waste collection and removal premises, one sound-insulated inline mixed-flow fan Blauberg Iso-Mix-E 315 was installed.

9. For creation of excess pressure in staircase areas, entrance security cabins and elevator shafts, which is necessary for prevention of smoke entering into those areas and for ensuring safe evacuation of people during fire emergencies, two axial smoke extraction fans Blauberg Axis-FP with maximum air flow up to 108,000 m³/h were installed.

10. For ventilation of semi-basement floor in block A was installed one axial jet fan Blauberg Axis-Jet, and in block В, two impulse centrifugal fans Blauberg Centro-Jet were installed. Both units also comprise a constituent part of smoke extraction system and in case of fire may remove accumulated smoke to outside.

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