08 April 2020
We are with you! Blauberg Group policy in response to COVID-19 pandemic

All the companies being part of Blauberg Group continue building their products, shipping orders and serving their customers while following all the additional safety protocols due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. All the communications channels with our partners remain open with the exception of face-to-face contacts. Being a responsible corporate citizen and following the recommendations from health authorities, we have completely resorted to remote interactions with our partners. As usual, we look forward to your communications by phone, email, instant messaging and video conferencing services etc.

The health and safety of our employees are our top priority. This is why all the companies of the Group have made the necessary arrangements to minimize the risks for human health. The employees who are able to work out of home are now working remotely. Those who are still manning their stations have been provided with all the necessary means of individual protection and informed about the safety protocols. We have also adopted social distancing measures and created conditions where people can work at a safe distance from one another. All the employees of the Group companies undergo obligatory thermal screening. All the office, production, storage, and utility spaces are regularly cleaned according to stringent sanitation protocols with a particular attention to the production equipment, working surfaces and floors. We would like to thank all the Group employees for their support and understanding of the extraordinary measures being taken to ensure their maximum comfort and safety.

We continue following the latest updates from government agencies and health institutions, and will keep you informed about any and all of the important changes in the operations of Blauberg Group.