10 December 2019
Ventilation at NZEB: maximum occupant comfort while keeping energy bills at a minimum

From 27 to 28 November 2019 Sheraton Grand Zhengzhou Hotel (Zhengzhou, China) hosted the 6th National Conference on Near-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB).

From 27 to 28 November 2019 Sheraton Grand Zhengzhou Hotel (Zhengzhou, China) hosted the 6th National Conference on Near-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB).

As a company with a broad experience in ventilation for energy-efficient buildings and an innovator in eco-friendly technology Blauberg eagerly took part in this high-profile specialized event. The conference program featured over 55 presentations of new developments and reconstruction projects, 22 thematic forums, and more than 100 speakers whose talks were focused on the hottest industrial trends and the technical aspects of erecting NZEBs.

An NZEB is a building whose energy demands are nearly completely met through smart implementation of passive methods while reducing heat losses to a bare minimum. NZEB is the cutting edge of building trends in China. The recent years were marked by the implementation of a number of programs and projects which capitalized on the near-zero energy approach. For example, with the completion of over 20 high-rise buildings as well as several apartment blocks, the Railway City Gaobeidian will be the largest Passive House development in the world. February 2019 saw the publication of national technical standards for near-zero energy buildings.

The standards were commissioned by the ministry of housing and developed by the Passive House Alliance of China (PHAChina) of which Blauberg is an active member. Founded in 2014, the Alliance is an association of over 280 members including research institutes, universities, project companies, and manufacturers of construction materials and equipment.

During the conference days our representatives at the Blauberg booth engaged in hot discussions regarding the development of NZEB in China and held many meetings and talks with clients and industry experts. We were delighted to showcase our latest ventilation units especially designed for energy-efficient homes – for example:

KOMFORT EC SB 350. This PHI-certified heat recovery air handling unit is suitable for cottages and large apartments and is built to maintain high static pressure and proper air exchange among rooms situated on different floors.

The unit is characterised with excellent energy efficiency: its specific electrical output is less than 0.27 W h/m³, which considerably exceeds the minimum requirement for passive houses of not more than 0.45 W h/m³.

The engineers provided the model with outstanding thermal insulation which helps keep external air leaks under 2 % while the minimum passive house requirement is 3 %.

A combination of a heat-insulated casing and a high-performance heat exchanger results in very high heat recovery efficiency of more than 75 %.

KOMFORT Roto EC LHP 400. This unit is a multi-functional air handling unit designed for supplying fresh air and extracting stale air from the treated rooms, and ensuring air heating and cooling at a minimum cost. This equipment intended for cottages and civil engineering projects is equally suited for summer and winter duty.

This particular model stands out thanks to the combination of a built-in heat pump and a rotary heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is capable of recovering up to 85 % of extract air heat energy. In turn, the heat pump uses the remaining part of the air flow energy to maintain the desired temperature in the treated room as defined by the user. This solution helps to considerably cut down on energy resources during both the cold and the warm seasons.

Over the years of Blauberg presence in China our products brought comfort and health to countless families. The company's cutting-edge technology developed for energy savings and environmental protection quickly gained wide popularity thanks to stringent quality standards and first-class customer service.

We would like to thank all the participants of NZEB conference which provided a productive forum for extending cooperation in the development of passive house, high-efficiency energy saving and environmental protection technology.

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